033 Meerab

Meerab ghafaar was born in small town of kasoor in 2009. we were glad on the birth of innocent baby girl. As meerab grew older, we observed that she often remain ill and she was not getting weight according to her age.  On doctors check up we were shocked that she is victim of  heart disease called Atrial Septal Defect (ASD).

Doctors recommended treatment for her called ASD Closure which cost more than 3 hundred thousand. I and my wife were worried because our financial condition was not enough good to afford that type of costly treatment for our little girl.  My friend told me to meet Dr. Masood Sadadiq and Dr Masood told me about CHHRI. Next day I was with CHHRI team for interview. Mr Javed Bukhari conducted my interview with his team in order to finalize our surgery arrangements.

Mr  Javed Bukhari told me that CHHRI will pay all the expenses for my daughters operation. I felt like I am most happiest man on this  earth. I thanked him and next day operation begun. After few hours  doctor came out told us that operation was completely successful.  I am thankful to CHHRI team from the core of my heart, they never made us to feel that they are helping us.