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Pakistan Children Heart Foundation (PCHF) | PCHF Profile
We dare to dream! “A birth right of every child to get cured”

Approximately 50,000 infants in Pakistan are born with Congenital Heart Defect every year and almost 25% of them need immediate surgery in the first year of their life. There isn’t a single specialized Children’s Heart Hospital in Pakistan till date hence many of these children die because of lack of diagnoses or a delayed diagnosis. Currently we have Less than 25 trained Pediatric Cardiologist and 8 Pediatric Cardiac surgeons in Pakistan. In just one of the Hospitals the queue of patients waiting for surgery has crossed 9,000, 25 – 30 new cases are added to the patient pool every week.

Hence the outlook for children, especially from the impoverished families is bleak.

Farhan Ahmad, an information technology expert and a businessman by profession after personally experiencing the difficulty in getting access to quality pediatric cardiac care, decided to make this cause his own. After exhaustive meetings, brainstorming and research Pakistan Children Heart Foundation was established in 2009.

The main objectives of PCHF are:

i. Project CHHRI: Build a non-profit Children Heart Hospital & Research Institute (CHHRI) to serve as centre of excellence
ii. Project Mohsin; Financially supporting children heart surgeries of deserving families.
iii. Create Awareness of Children Heart diseases to the general public as well as policy makers
iv. Enablement of other hospitals through medical mission

We at PCHF are struggling to help children start a new life, till date we have managed to perform 1173 + heart surgeries

PCHF team has started working on building a nonprofit dedicated Children Heart Hospital to serve as center of excellence where free of cost heart surgeries will be performed of deserving children. Details of the project can be found here.Hospital Construction Project

Our Mission

“To establish a state of the art medical facility that provides the highest quality of care for children with heart disease, irrespective of their financial means. To act as a model institute, for the training of healthcare professionals, education of the public at large and promote research into the causes and management of congenital heart disease.”